Review: The 2021 Spin Awards

The Spin awards 2021 was a night to remember for years to come. This amazing platform honors those who “Spin the Gospel’. The media is sometimes overlooked in a lot of these other awards shows and I love how the Founder, Minstrel Appointed, took the vision God gave her to honor those who spun her music and expanded from there.

This is my first Spin Awards, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Let me tell you about the events that took place on the Weekend of October 21-23, 2021 (Spin Awards Weekend). (Disclaimer: I am giving my personal experience. My opinion doesn’t speak for everyone. I apologize to those who I met who aren’t mentioned. I love yall still. Don’t charge my heart)

My travel down to Georgia was crazy. I don’t see how people live in ATL the traffic and the drivers are crazy. Day 1 was really inviting. The Founder and her team were so loveable and caring. They made their presence known. I have been to many awards shows where you don’t see the founder nor their team greeting people. When I did catch some moments of the event, I was very impressed with the performances of the artist. The host, hunnnayyyy let me tell you something. They killed it. The host was very friendly and approachable. And you don’t see that in many awards shows. In other shows, the host is acting like they hosting the Grammys or something lol. 

October 21 (Thursday):

  • Dope Women in Radio
  • Artist Showcase presented by Gospel Central
  • Comedy at the Spin with Sterling Thrill

So, on Thursday night, I didn’t go to any events because your girl was trying to do school. Keep me in your prayers.

Dope Women in Radio was a very special program during the Spin Awards Weekend. The Spin Awards honor some of the DOPEST WOMEN in Christian Gospel Radio. Some of the DOPEST WOMEN of this special honor were Stephanie McDonald, Lady Drina Penn, Connie Birth, and many more women.

The Artist showcase presented by Gospel Central was hosted by Amber Shaw. I didn’t catch every performance but some of the ones I want to highlight are Nikea Marie, Marcus Carr, and Predestined. I heard that this event was amazing.

On Day 2 (Friday) of the Spin Awards :

Industry Talk with Dr. Zorn

  • Media Luncheon ( invite only)
  • Pre-ceremony and Awards

Day 2 was amazing as well. Hunnayyyy God showed up and showed out. The Media Luncheon was invite-only, which I thought was very exclusive and bougie. And we love a good food moment. The Media Lunch was hosted by Apostle V. Howard. The Media Lunch was filled with food, laughter, and fun. I loved that we as Media got to connect with other people in Media.

The Pre- Ceremony & Awards was another great event, in the comfort of the host hotel (Embassy Suites), which loved. You could enjoy entertainment and then after going right to bed in the same location.

The Pre- Awards Ceremony was beautiful and very intimate. The artist was `really supported of the people in media. The spirit that was in the room that night can’t even be explained. If you were there, then you know.

Then the last day was October 23, 2021

The Day of the Awards was amazing. For those who stayed in the host hotel. You got to fellowship with each other before heading to the awards. And there were so many people honored and some many artists who performed. This was the best Award show of 2021.

As I come to a close, make sure you go support the Spins Awards.

The Team was amazing and the Founder was great as well.

I pray nothing but blessings on the Spin Awards and the Team.


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