City of Redemption Radio Network News:
I AM PROUD to announce that I am an Official 2022 Spin Awards Nominee! A lot is going on in the WORLD. AND WE SHOULD BE ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER TO KEEP PUSHING. Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to nominate ME!

I need your help to WIN!

Voting STARTS JUNE 17,2022 and I need your vote.

The Spin Awards is the BIGGEST event in Christian Gospel radio honoring those who spin the Gospel message.

‍We would love to win a Spin Award… But we need your help to do so. Thank you for your time and we appreciate your vote.

SHOUT OUT TO The Spin Awards (honoring those who spin the gospel) AND THE SPIN AWARDS TEAM (Minstrel Appointed) (BM Snowden) (Rissy Love) FOR ALL YOU FOR THOSE WHO SPIN THE GOSPEL

#2022SpinAwards #SpinAwards2022 #SoSpinCited

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